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With the aim of developing an electric vehicle which contains the latest technological developments with the help of students, a fascinating student project was created at the IEW:

The electronic kart project called StudKart.

Students from four different disciplines contribute their knowledge to the further development of this vehicle and deepen it in their studies/bachelor or master/diploma theses.

StudKart "Model C"

Leaving the Road - Electrically to Off-Road

We seek to break new ground with the latest reasearch and teaching platform. In order to do this on a technological level, we are looking for motivated students who would like to implement current approaches in a practical way in their student work within the scope of this project. If you are interested, please take a look at the projects advertised by the institute at present. You are also welcome to connect with the respective contact persons listed below.


StudKart "Model B"

The next generation of the StudKart.
A large number of components were developed and processed in-house:

  • Development of a full carbon frame
  • Development of a battery system (LiFeMnPO4 cells and battery management system (BMS))
  • Own power electronics
  • Contactless charging system

StudKart "Model A"

In the first version of the StudKart, a conventional go-kart was converted to an electric kart. The following components were replaced or added:

  • Two brushless DC motors replace the old combustion engine
  • Power electronics
  • Security surveillance
  • 8 Li batteries from Stihl power tools which serve as energy storage devices

You are interested in practical topics in your thesis and would like to get involved in motorsport?

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Benedikt Kaiser, M.Sc.


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