The Institute

of Electrical Energy Conversion

The Institute

The IEW was founded in 1883. After some leadership changes and integration into the ILEA of the University of Stuttgart, it became an independent institute of the Faculty 5 - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology under the direction of Professor Nejila Parspour.

The IEW currently has 19 research associates, with a steadily increasing number. More than 1100 students attend the IEW's lectures every year. From basic lectures in the field of electrical engineering to specialisation modules in the fields of electrical machines and inductive charging are held here.

Besides teaching, the IEW also deals with many current research projects with various industry partners. In order to do justice to these research questions, the IEW has on the one hand some machine test benches. The power classes therefore vary from very small applications up to 200 kW test benches. However, the infrastructure for automated measurement of inductive systems is also available in the field of inductive energy transmission.


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Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion

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