Student Theses

Here you can find out everything about the content and organisation of our student theses.

Assignment for Student Theses

Below you find a list of currently open topics for student thesis at IEW. If you are interested in a topic from the list, please contact the respective supervisor directly. The email address of the supervisor can be found in the respective topic sheet.

Open Topics

2023-12-22 12:53

Smart and efficient power electronics for emission-free mobility and heat pumps

Type of Thesis: BA, FA, SA, MA Start: flexible
Supervisor: Jun.-Prof. Stefan Mönch Tags: Leistungselektronik, Elektromobilität, Wärmepumpen, smarte Converter, emissionsfreie Anwendungen


2024-02-16 14:00

Design of a Coil and an Analog Filter for Near-Field-Based Communication in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Type of Thesis: FA Start: immediately
Supervisor: Weizhou Ye Tags: Modellierung, Optimierung, Hardwareaufbau, Prüfstandsarbeit


2024-03-21 13:28

Modeling and measurement of different core materials for inductors of transcutaneous inductive energy transfer

Type of Thesis: MA Start: flexible
Supervisor: Fides Faber Tags: FEM-Simulation, Modellierung, Hardwareaufbau

No suitable topic there?

Via the following link you will find an application form to apply for a student theses on your own initiative. Thereby you will be registered with your interests and eventually supervisors with suitable topics will contact you.

Furthermore, you will find a link to the list of current or completed student theses. If a topic from this list appeals to you, you can ask the respective supervisor whether a similar topic is possible.

Note: In order to open the application form and/or the list you must first join the Ilias course "Student Theses at IEW".

If none of the current topics appeals to you, please also fill out the application form completely. By doing so, you will be registered with us with your interests and, if applicable, supervisors with suitable topics will contact you.

StuA Information Session

If you have general questions about the student application process at IEW, you can come to the "StuA info session". This information session always takes place on the LAST Thursday of each month from 13:45 - 13:55 in Webex

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FAQ's About Student Research Projects at IEW

Search for a suitable topic in the "Open Theses" list above. If you are interested in a topic, contact the respective supervisor from the topic sheet directly. The final assignment of topics is done by the supervisors.

If there is no suitable topic, you can submit an initiative application via the ILIAS course.

It is not necessary for you to come to the consultation. If you have specific questions or concrete suggestions for a thesis, you are welcome to come to our office hours.

As soon as you receive the confirmation from the supervisor. With your acceptance thereof, we assume bindingly that the topic is worked on by you.

For general questions about student theses at IEW

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