November 5, 2020 /

Visited conferences of our division Electrical Machines

This year's events of the "International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)" and the "Annual Conference of Industrial Electronics Society (IECON)" took place purely virtually due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, this did not prevent our researcht assistants from publishing their current research. The following publications were submitted:

International Conference on Electrical Machines 2020 - Göteborg

Andreas Echle, Urs Pecha, Nejila Parspour und Christian Grüner
"Design of a Novel High Power Density Single Sided Axial Flux Motor Using SMC Materials"

Julian Fischer, Martin Schmid und Nejila Parspour
"Investigation of Maximum Torque per Ampere and Maximum Efficiency Control Strategies of a Transverse Flux Machine"

Maximilian Hepp, Dzevad Imamovic, Wolfgang Wondrak und Nejila Parspour
"Predictive High Dynamic Current Control of Dual Three-Phase PMSMs"

Daniel Keller, Moritz Kuenzler, Akif Karayel, Quentin Werner und Nejila Parspour
"Potential of Dual Three-Phase PMSM in High Performance Automotive Powertrains"

Samuel Müller und Nejila Parspour
"Applying a Measurement-Based Iron Loss Model to an Efficiency Optimized Torque Control of an Electrically Excited Synchronous Machine"

Lukas Rabenstein, A. Dietz, A. Kremser und Nejila Parspour
"Semi-Analytical Calculation of a Laminated Transverse Flux Machine"

Jonathan Terfurth, Martin Schmid und Nejila Parspour.
"Planar Aligned Transverse Flux Machine with Integrated Reduction Gear"

Marcel Waldhof und Nejila Parspour
"Torque Ripple Minimization in Exoskeleton Drives with Multiphase Electrical Machines by Current Harmonic Injection"

Annual Conference of Industrial Electronics Society 2020 - Singapore

Andreas Echle, Yuancong Gong, Jonathan Terfurth und Nejila Parspour
"Comparison of BLDC and BLAC Modes for anAxial Flux Motor with Trapezoidal BEMF"


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