Wireless Power Week 2020

November 24, 2020 /

Publications on the WoW 2020

This year's Wirless Power Week took place virtually instead of in beautiful Seoul. Our research associates of the group "Contactless Energy Transmissions" were nevertheless eager to attend with the following publications:

Alexander Enssle, Nejila Parspour, Fanyu Wu
"Coil System Optimization for Transcutaneous Energy Transfer Systems"

Jannis Noeren und Nejila Parspour
"Model Predictive Control for Contactless Energy Transfer Systems"

Javier Stillig, Nejila Parspour
"Overview and Aspects of Foreign Object Detection in Wireless Power Transfer Applications"

Lukas Elbracht, Jannis Noeren, Nejila Parspour
"A Novel Combination of Resolver and Contactless Energy Transfer for Electric Excited Machines"<\em>

Philipp Präg, David Maier, Nejila Parspour
"Analysis of the Losses in Contactless Energy Transfer Systems Based on Different Distances Between Shielding, Ferrite and Coil"

Timo Lämmle, Nejila Parspour
"Comparison of Circular and Double-D Coil Topologies for Automotive Inductive Charging Systems"

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